Chic Foote

Chic Foote

Chic is a New Zealand educator of more than 40 years experience. During this time she has been a classroom teacher, a deputy principal, a teacher advisor, a curriculum coach and an independent consultant to schools. Chic grew up on a sheep station on the Kaipara Harbour, a beautiful corner of the North Island. Despite the remote nature of her childhood she grew up knowing that there was a world of opportunities out there to be explored. From an early age she declared to anyone who would listen that she was going to be a teacher and began her journey into education by organising her siblings and other local children to be her students. Chic was fascinated by the teachers she had in her life who made learning memorable and this has shaped her own commitment to making a difference for learners of all ages.

Over the years as an educator Chic has been challenged to go beyond her ‘comfort zone’ both personally and professionally. As new and often unique opportunities arose, so too did a range of experiences that have shaped the educator she is today. This journey was made possible by the support and encouragement of colleagues, friends and family. Their willingness to ride the waves and share the journey are central to her continued dedication to sharing new learning and coaching and guiding the development of authentic contemporary curriculum and modern learning strategies.

Chic’s international career was initiated when she was invited to become a member of a NZ advisory team working alongside teachers in Michigan schools. This led to her becoming a visiting instructor at Oakland University, MI. USA from 1997 – 1999. During this time Chic and her family lived and worked in Michigan where they developed the foundations of a global network that has been the catalyst for the work she does with schools today. She considers herself privileged to have met and worked alongside international educators from across the globe. As technology developed so did the opportunities to share with and learn from others. She is a McTighe Associate Consultant, specialising in quality curriculum design using UbD™. http://jaymctighe.com/associates/#chic   She is also recognised by Heidi Hayes Jacobs as a leader in the field of Curriculum Mapping and is a member of the Curriculum 21 Faculty. http://www.curriculum21.com/about/faculty/ As a result of her work internationally Chic has been invited to present at numerous international conferences.

Chic believes strongly in the power of a collaborative professional inquiry as the essential hub of all effective learning communities. She works closely with schools leaders, teams and individual teachers to establish richly engaging cultures of inquiry, as they prepare todays students for success in a global society. Her extensive experience within NZ and internationally has been a result of her willingness to value and respect the work that has previously taken place, while continuing to coach and encourage school leaders, teacher teams and individuals to extend themselves and their practice; to explore concepts and strategies that will go beyond the known in order to grow and amplify learning for themselves and their students.

Kelly O’Leary Ryan
Kelly is the Business Administrator for Chic. She works part time organising and managing all the operational details, scheduling and generally making sure Chic is well organised to do what she loves most….working with schools to help them provide the best possible contemporary learning opportunities for students, and teachers. Kelly is married to a teacher and has 7 year old twins. She takes an active interest in modern learning approaches and is here to help answer your questions and provide details to support your inquiries

She can be contacted on admin@helix.ac.nz